Press Releases

February 2017
Casey’s Spotlight: My legislation for protecting older workers (Democrat)
Casey, Grassley, Leahy, Collins Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Older Workers from Discrimination (Joint)
Casey’s Spotlight: A Letter to Tom Price (Democrat)
Casey's Spotlight: Keeping our Promise to Seniors (Democrat)
Senate Aging Committee Announces Top Scams Targeting Nation’s Seniors in 2016 (Joint)
Casey's Spotlight: IRS Senior Tax Guide (Democrat)
January 2017
Aging Committee Chair Collins and Ranking Member Casey Applaud FTC and Justice Department Announcement of Settlement with Western Union on Consumer Fraud Charges (Joint)
December 2016
Collins, McCaskill Release Committee Report of Bipartisan Drug Pricing Investigation (Joint)
In a continuation of their efforts to protect seniors from exploitation, Aging Committee Chairman Collins and Ranking Member McCaskill Hold Hearing on Elder Financial Abuse: “Trust Betrayed: Financial Abuse of Older Americans by Guardians and Others in Power” (Joint)
November 2016
Aging Committee Chairman Collins and Ranking Member McCaskill to Unveil Report on Elder Financial Abuse (Joint)
September 2016
Arrests Show IRS Impersonation Scam Remains Pervasive (Joint)
Aging Committee Unveils Report Identifying Ways for Seniors to Maximize Social Security Benefits (Joint)
Senate Aging Committee Examines Recommendations to Address America’s Retirement Crisis (Joint)
Senate Aging Committee to Analyze In-Depth Report on America’s $7.7 Trillion Retirement Security Gap (Joint)
August 2016
Senate Aging Committee Chairman Collins’ Statement on Mylan Announcement to Expand Rebates for EpiPen® (Republican)
In response to the Skyrocketing Price, Senators Collins, McCaskill Request Urgent Briefing & Information on Mylan’s Decision-Making Process to Raise the Price of EpiPen® by 480% (Joint)
Following Collins, McCaskill Effort, Seniors Will No Longer Need Cell Phones to Access Social Security Accounts Online (Joint)
Senators Collins, McCaskill Urge Immediate Action to Ensure All Seniors Have Safe and Speedy Access to Accounts (Joint)
July 2016
Senators Collins, McCaskill Seek More Information on AstraZeneca’s Position That Generic Competitors to Crestor Should be Delayed (Joint)
June 2016
Senator Collins Warns Seniors to Beware New Tactic in the IRS Scam: Ruthless Scammers Are Now Demanding Payment in the Form of Gift Cards (Republican)
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