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Support Grows for the Better Care Better Jobs Act

Historic Legislation to Create Jobs, Raise Wages and Expand Services Earns Endorsement of Over 500 Organizations

Washington, DC – The Better Care Better Jobs Act (S. 2210) provides a bold investment to expand access to home and community-based services for seniors and people with disabilities, to support family caregivers and to lift up the home care workforce. There is growing momentum to pass this important bill, as evidenced by the content Chairman Bob Casey (D-PA) of the U.S. Senate Aging Committee is releasing today.

The Better Care Better Jobs Act would expand home and community-based services for more than 3.2 million Americans, help more than 1.1 million family caregivers return to work and create more than half a million new home care jobs. This vital investment would help seniors and people with disabilities access needed supports and put family caregivers back to work. It would also raise wages and increase benefits for home care workers, most of whom are low-income women of color who earn a median wage of just $12 per hour, and bolster our Nation’s economy.

Over 500 state and national organizations have voiced their support for S. 2210. Today’s content features the stories of people who receive home and community-based services, workers who provide this essential care and families across Pennsylvania. It also includes statements of support from numerous aging, disability and labor advocates and responses to frequently asked questions.

• Review the bill text, one-pager and section-by-section
• Read the stories of Pennsylvania families and workers
• Get answers to “Frequently Asked Questions
• Find out “What They Are Saying” about the Better Care Better Jobs Act
• See the current list of more than 500 supporters nationwide