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Senate Aging Committee Chairman Collins’ Statement on Mylan Announcement to Expand Rebates for EpiPen®

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Senator Susan Collins, the Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee, released a statement following reports that Mylan would increase patient rebates for EpiPen®:

"While patient assistance programs help some consumers afford the skyrocketing prices of drugs like the EpiPen, they do not assist anyone who participates in government healthcare programs like the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP,) Medicaid, Medicare, and other federal health insurance programs. That means that millions of patients will not benefit from the actions Mylan is taking in issuing patient assistance cards. In addition, private insurers will continue to bear the full cost of their share of the drug, which in turn contributes to higher premiums paid by consumers.

“Since Mylan acquired EpiPen in 2007, the price has increased by an astonishing 480%.  This drastic increase could pose a serious impediment to patient access, particularly for our seniors.

“A host of questions and concerns remain. I expect to receive answers, along with pertinent information and analysis regarding Mylan’s pricing decisions, through an upcoming briefing that our committee has asked Mylan to provide.”