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Casey’s Spotlight: The Republican Health Care Bill Targets Seniors in Rural Counties


Dear Friends:


This week, I visited the Bloomsburg Senior Citizen Center in Columbia County and the Towanda Senior Center in Bradford County to discuss the importance of protecting health care access for older Americans and preserving programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.


During my visits, I heard directly from seniors concerned about their health care and Republican policies. If the Republican health care scheme were to succeed, rural counties like Columbia and Bradford will be especially hard hit. A report released by my office today details how the Republican health care bill will decrease health coverage, cost jobs, and threaten hospitals in rural communities.


I’m deeply concerned about the health and economic well-being of Pennsylvania’s older Americans and rural communities and that is why I will continue to fight to defeat the Republican health care plan. I hope you will join me and ensure that your voices are heard on this important issue.




Bob Casey, Jr.