“Sudden Price Spikes in Decades-Old Rx Drugs: Inside the Monopoly Business Model”

Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016 Time: 09:45 AM Location: Dirksen 562

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Member Statements

  1. Chairman Susan M. Collins R (ME)
  2. Senator Claire McCaskill D (MO)


Panel I

  1. Howard Dorfman
    former Senior Vice Present and General Counsel
    Turing Pharmaceuticals
  2. Adaora Adimora M.D
    Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine; Professor of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Public Health
    University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  3. Shannon and Joshua Weston
    parents of infant born with Toxoplasmosis

Panel II

  1. Ronald Tilles
    Interim CEO, and Chairman of the Board
    Turing Pharmaceuticals
  2. Michael Smith
    Co-Founder and Senior Director of Business Development
    Turing Pharmaceuticals
  3. Dan Wichman
    Partner and Analyst
    Broadfin Capital