Seniors Feeling the Squeeze: Rising Drug Prices and the Part D Program

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Time: 02:30 PM Location: Dirksen

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Member Statements

  1. Senator Herb Kohl D (WI)
  2. Senator Bob Corker R (TN)
  3. Senator Bill Nelson D (FL)



  1. Gerard Anderson, MD
    Director, Center for Hospital Finance and Management
    Johns Hopkins Bloomerg School of Public Health
    Baltimore , MD
  2. John Dicken
    Director, Health Care
    Government Accountability Office
    Washington , DC
  3. Gregory Hamilton, MBA
    Algonquin , IL
  4. Willafay McKenna
    Medicare Part D Participant
    Williamsburg , VA
  5. Jack Calfee, Ph.D.
    Resident Scholor
    The Ameircan Enterprise Institute
    Washington , DC