Person-Centered Care: Reforming Services and Bringing Older Citizens Back to the Heart of Society

Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Time: 11:00 AM Location: Dirksen

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Member Statements

  1. Senator Herb Kohl D (WI)
  2. Senator Gordon H. Smith R (OR)
  3. Chairman Bob Casey D (PA)


  1. William Thomas, MD
    Professor, Erickson School of Aging Studies
    University of Maryland
    Ithaca , NY
  2. Robert Jenkens
    Director, Green House Project
    NCB Capital Impact
    Arlington , VA
  3. Melinda Abrams, M.S.
    Assistant Vice President, Patient-Centered Primary Care
    The Commonwealth Fund
    New York , NY
  4. Eric Coleman, MD, MPH
    Director, Care Transitions Program
    University of Colorado
    Aurora , CO
  5. Zoe Holland
    Daughter of a former Green House resident
    Lincoln , NE
  6. Edna Hess
    Lebanon Valley Brethren Home
    Palmyrax , PA
  7. Diane White, Ph.D.
    Senior Research Associate
    , Institute on Aging, Portland State University
    Portland , OR