Safeguarding Our Seniors: Protecting the Elderly from Physical and Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Date: Monday, March 4, 2002 Time: 01:30 PM Location: Dirksen 628

Member Statements

  1. Senator Larry Craig R (ID)
  2. Senator John Breaux D (LA)


  1. Delta Holloway, RN
    on behalf of the American Health Care Association
  2. Henry Blanco
    Board Member
    National Association of Adult Protective Services Administrators
  3. Charles Fuselier
    on behalf of the National Sheriff's Association
  4. Mark Malcolm
  5. Leslie Aronovitz
    Health Financing and Public Health Issues, Health, Education and Human Services Division, General Accounting Office
  6. Michael Peters, Esquire
    Counsel for Rape Victim Jane Doe
  7. Barbara Becker
    Daughter of Physical Abuse Victim Helen Straukamp
  8. Bruce Love
    Son of Physical Abuse Victim Helen Love