“Alzheimer’s: New Directions in Biomedical Research and Caregiving”

Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Time: 09:30 AM Location: Senate Dirksen Office Building 106

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Member Statements

  1. Senator Susan M. Collins R (ME)
  2. Chairman Bob Casey D (PA)


  1. Mary Dysart Hartt
    Family Caregiver
    Hampden , ME
  2. accompanied by Michael Hartt
  3. Clay Jacobs
    Executive Director
    Greater Pennsylvania Area Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association
    Wilkes-Barre , PA
  4. Dr. Sharon Fekrat
    Professor of Ophthalmology and Associate Professor of Surgery
    Duke School of Medicine
    Durham , NC
  5. Dr. Richard J. Hodes
    Director, National Institute on Aging
    Bethesda , MD