Advising Seniors About Their Money: Who Is Qualified - and Who Is Not?

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2007 Time: 03:00 PM Location: Dirksen 628

Member Statements

  1. Senator Herb Kohl D (WI)
  2. Senator Gordon H. Smith R (OR)


  1. Christopher Cox
    US Securities and Exchange Commission
    Washington , DC
  2. Lori Swanson
    Attorney General
    State of Minnesota
    St. Paul , MN
  3. William Galvin
    Secretary of the Commonwealth
    Boston , MA
  4. Joseph Borg
    North America Securities Administrators Association
    Washington , DC
  5. Nicolas Nicolette
    Financial Planning Association
    Washington , DC
  6. Sandy Praeger
    Insurance Commissioner
    on behalf of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
    Topeka , KS
  7. Gary Bhojwani
    President and CEO
    Allianz Life Insurance of North America
    Minneapolis , MN
  8. Edwin Pittock
    Society of Certified Senior Advisors
    Denver , CO