Press Releases

January 2015
Retirement Security: A Path Forward (Republican)
Sens. Collins and McCaskill Announce Continuation of Aging Committee Fraud Hotline (Republican)
Sen. Susan Collins Officially Assumes Role of Chairman of Senate Aging Committee (Republican)
December 2014
A warning for seniors this holiday season (Joint)
Report Recommends Ways to Increase Affordable Drugs Within Medicare Rx Program (Joint)
Federal Funding Bill Includes Senator Collins' Request For Increase in Alzheimer's Funding (Republican)
November 2014
Hearing to Press Prepaid Debit Card Companies and Retailers on Efforts to Curb Phone Scams (Joint)
September 2014
GAO: Action Needed to Combat $5 Billion Tax Refund Fraud (Joint)
Hearing to Spotlight Impact of Student Loan Debt on Seniors (Joint)
July 2014
Chairman Nelson recognizes 49th Anniversary of Medicare (Democrat)
Senate Hearing to Examine Rise of Hospital Observation Stays (Joint)
Senate Aging Committee Leaders Respond to SSA Announcement on Benefit Verification Letters (Joint)
Senate Aging Committee Examines "Grandparent" Phone Scams (Republican)
Senate Hearing to Examine Rise in Grandparent Scams (Joint)
ASSOCIATED PRESS: Medicare providers complain of duplicative audits (Joint)
June 2014
Senate Aging Committee Examines the Link Between Head Injuries and Diseases Such as Alzheimer's (Republican)
Committee to Examine Long-Term Impact of Sports-Related Brain Injuries (Joint)
Senate to Hold Hearing on Social Security office closures and service cuts (Joint)
Senate Aging Committee to Examine the Effects of Shuttered Social Security Service Offices on Seniors (Republican)
Senator Collins Advocacy for America's Nurses and their Patients Earns Her Honors from National Nurses Organization (Republican)
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