Press Releases

July 2015
Senator Collins Co Hosts Event Tonight to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid and the Older Americans Act (Republican)
Senate Approves Reauthorization of Older American's Act (Republican)
Collins, McCaskill Demand Documents From Treasury Department in Contracting Investigation (Democrat)
Maine High School Track Star, Arundel 10-Year Old, Testify Before Senate Aging Panel On Living With Type 1 Diabetes (Republican)
June 2015
Dexter, Maine Small Business Owner Testifies Before Senate Aging Committee About Seniors Working In Retirement Years (Republican)
Senator Collins Warns of New Section 8 Housing Scam (Republican)
Senators Collins and McCaskill Press to Give Telephone Companies the Ability to do More to Block Unwanted Calls (Joint)
McCaskill Opens Inquiry into ‘Brain Armor’ and Other Dietary Supplements Targeting Seniors (Democrat)
Senate Aging Committee Asks, "Why Are Americans Getting So Many Unwanted Calls?" (Republican)
Senators Demand Answers on FDA Guidance That Could Restrict Popular Treatment for Macular Degeneration (Democrat)
May 2015
Senate Aging Committee Tackles Hospital 'Observation Status' Crisis (Republican)
Maine Nurse Testifies Before Aging Committee About Hospital ‘Observation Status’ Crisis (Republican)
Senate Aging Committee Tackles Hospital ‘Observation Status’ Crisis (Republican)
Scam Artist Involved in Jamaican Lottery Scam Found Guilty in US Court (Republican)
UMaine Research Official Testifies Before Senate Panel to Discuss Technologies that Help Seniors (Republican)
Senate Aging Committee to Examine How Technology Can Help Seniors Age In Place (Joint)
UMaine Research Official Testifies Before Senate Panel to Discuss Technologies that Help Seniors (Republican)
April 2015
McCaskill Stresses Commitment to Bipartisan Solutions With Aging Organizations (Democrat)
McCaskill Seeks Answers on Garnishment of Social Security for Student Loan Debt (Democrat)
Sen. Collins Calls Aging Committee Hearing to Examine Huge IRS Impersonation Scam (Republican)
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